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The sweet story of the Belgian waffle. Liege Waffle

The history of the Belgian waffle is incomplete without mentioning the ancient origins of the waffle itself. In ancient Greece, chefs baked flat cakes called obelios. These flat cakes received religious decoration in the Middle Ages, when chefs used honey and cinnamon to represent biblical scenes or family emblems on these proto-waffles.

In the 18th century, waffles took on a milder quality, with more butter and sugar incorporated into their recipes. It was then that one of the two main types of Belgian waffles was created: the Liège waffle. Liège is a city in eastern Belgium.

Legend tells that the Liege waffle was invented by the chef of one of the prince-bishops of Liege. The prince asked for a new pastry, so the chef tried a kind of brioche baked in a gaufrier (what they called the waffle iron) and came up with the idea of adding vanilla to the batter. The vanilla scent released during cooking charmed the Prince and this waffle recipe entered the culinary traditions of the Liege region, then quickly penetrated the whole kingdom of Belgium. This waffle has since remained the most popular in Belgium and in the world.

Liege waffle, locally called "sugar waffle", is a waffle specialty of Liege in Belgium. It's made with fermented yeast dough with cinnamon or vanilla, but with a special sugar, known as pearl sugar, which creates a level of caramelization perfectly fluffy when baked. Liege waffle is one of the more common type of waffle, in Belgium, and known for its rich, sticky texture that gets accentuated with every bite. Traditionally, it has no corners and is made in a 6 × 4 mold.

The WhooFyWaffles recipe is with origins from Eastern Belgium kept in our family for generations. The original and delicious flavor of our waffles we combine with the best Swiss chocolate all this for your complete satisfaction.

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